Pirate premium ships in store!



Pilots! New premium ships are now in store!

For convenience, all the premium ships previously included in bundles ‘ Dead Man’s Chest ’ and ‘ Jolly Roger ’ can now be purchased separately. Each ship also has a small bonus attached in the form of Galactic Standards or days of premium license.

Right now all pilots can purchase the following premium ships individually:

  • Premium ship Phoenix;
  • Premium ship Shark;
  • Premium ship Grim;
  • Premium ship Sai;
  • Premium ship Reaper.


Special bundles that you can buy at a discount have also been formed from the ships.

The first bundles — ‘Dead Man’s Chest’ and ‘Jolly Roger’ are already available in the store:

‘Dead Man’s Chest’ includes:

  • Premium ship Phoenix,
  • Premium ship Shark ;
  • Premium ship Grim;
  • Bonus for ‘Dead Man’s Chest’.


‘Jolly Roger’ includes:

  • Premium ship Sai;
  • Premium ship Reaper;
  • Bonus for ‘Jolly Roger’.


Note that the total cost of the bundle depends on whether you have acquired some of its contents before. In this case, their cost is deducted from the price.