Pirate Fort Raid


In the last 3 days, I tried to do the campaign mission, “Return what’s Yours” from the pirate fort raid, I spent more than 5 hours in queues seeking match and so far nothing, I tried to use the custom battle but did not find the Pirate Fort Raid in the list of PVE missions.
can anybody help me? Sorry for bad English, I’m Brazilian.

Create a group, ask 3 people to join you. Click launch. It should work. 

Wow, a Brazilian! I just love their culture…


Anyway, personal stuff shoved aside, I’ve also posted a question about this elsewhere on the Forum.

Um… some advice before you browse the linked Topic: the person asking for help was pretty mad at this issue, so… expect some hate speech in it. It’s still open for comments, so you can still comment and/or ask questions in the thread if you want to.

EDIT: Oops. Apparently, a Mod decided that that was enough hate for now and closed it from further comments.