Pirate Chronicles. Shady business. Part 4.



The bar room was filled with dead silence. Anne realized that every drunk tramp from the crew knew that name. Except for Anne herself. Every vacationer in this bar has never seen Madame Shea, but at the same time, they are all her employees not of their own free will. Anyone who broke the law at least once and decided to take the path of piracy fell under the influence of this person. Some thought it was just a myth until they felt the wrath of the leader of one of the most bloodthirsty gangs in the Enclave. Few were able to resist her, and those who could — made agreements, or never got in her way again. She instilled fear in the eyes of those sitting at the tables because Shea always acted from the shadows or with the help of other people. Blowing up someone’s ship for disobeying her orders was a matter of a single finger snap. And here she came to solve the problem herself. Everyone thought Anne had done something so irreparable that Madame Shea herself wanted to punish her.


— I’m waiting for answers, Anne Bonnie. — slowly and without looking away from her, she came closer to Madame Shea’s bar.
— I don’t have to report to the damn psychopath who came to my bar and tried to play boss. Right now you’re gonna take your sidekicks and get the hell out of here and you’re not stopping my guests from resting, and I’m making money, okay?


Madame Shea raised her head and smirked a little. Sitting at the bar, she took an open bottle of local whiskey standing and poured a little into one of the glasses nearby. At the same time, all the attention of the bar was focused on her, and everyone was afraid to break the silence.


— Warm. Needs some ice. Anne, take care of the guest. — Shea said calmly.
— Do you even bloody hear what I’m saying? Pack up and get out of here!
— You know, I actually like you. You’re brave, bold, almost like your late partner Ben. But he was too stupid for such qualities. And you… You’re smart. Since you took so much money from me and, most importantly, resisted wasting it on all kinds of nonsense, and even earned much more, making this abandoned pit an establishment that attracts guests.
— What the hell do you want?
— Okay, if you’re incapable of peaceful dialogue, I’ll be straight with you. All this belongs to me now. You took my money, you killed my employee, it’s time to return the favour.
— Lady, I don’t owe you anything, either you and your circus are getting out of my bar right now or 50 of my guys are taking you far away from here.
— You don’t understand, do you, Anne? I can tear this place apart if you don’t get the hell out of here right now. Is that clearer?


Meanwhile, several people at the bar tried to get out, but laser dots, which were pointed at their forehead from the dark doorway, stopped them.

— Hm. What’s your name, Madame Shea you said?.. Look, I admit I overreacted, but… I feel that we can resolve everything peacefully, say… In the VIP box?


Shea gave Anne a look from head to toe, but finally got up from behind the bar and her looks clearly said: “Well, lead the way then”. They headed for a small balcony, the stairs to which were to the right of the bar. A large panoramic window, not typical for such establishments, was the VIP box’s main feature. It offered a beautiful view of the outer space, which you could enjoy by relaxing on a cosy sofa, drinking your favourite drinks. Every space traveller dreamed of that.


— So, what do you have to offer me, do you think we can make a deal? — Shea said with a grin.
— You know… Not at all. — Anne answered with the same smirk and then shouted towards the hall — “Jonah, hook it up”.


At the same moment, Anne’s bracelet, like everyone at the bar, lit up green. The next second, she was literally nailed to her place, and a protective dome appeared over the VIP box. It has repeatedly saved special guests from riots, and in general, served as a feature for the protection of important faction bosses. Anne smiled and said — “Goodbye, friend.”


The energy field, which was represented by a panoramic window, disappeared in a moment. Along with Shea, who flew straight into outer space. Shea’s guards, standing at the door, were shot several times by the security forces, which kept them in sight the whole time. The dome closed quickly, but Anne noticed that one of the ships picked up Shea and left in a hurry.

— The emergency protocol set up at the bar worked just fine! But for the third time, this number won’t work, so we need to come up with something new.
— Jonah, yeah, you’re right. Do you think she’ll come back?
— Sure thing. And now… Let’s keep having fun!