Pirate Chronicles. Shady business. Part 3



— We’re doing good! I’d even say great!
— Anne! The drinks supplied by the feds ran out!
— Well, get some more from the back! There were several crates.
— Well, we kinda… That’s it! We finished all of it!
— Well, that’s a surprise… All right, sell our leftovers. I’m going to go out and try to convince this group of desperate and drunk tramps that they need to stay with us overnight.


It’s been about a month since Anne Bonnie declared herself the owner of a complex called “Skeleton Island”. The money that the enclave transferred to her was enough — several bars, restaurants, three casinos and a huge hotel complex, hundreds of employees on a salary, a thousand guests daily and huge profit — the result of her work in this short period of time. It seemed that life began to improve as soon as she got out of the influence of one of the barons. But she had no idea who the baron was working for.


— Gentlemen! — Anne said loudly echoing through the bar — We invite you to stay with us overnight in our unique hotel. You need a rest after such long flights and we are ready to do everything for you to make it perfect! The price? A special offer for you — just 7000 credits per person!
— Anne, there are 200 of them here. — her aide Jonah whispered — That’s 150 000 a night. You’re really pushing it now…


In the centre of the hall, the apparent leader of this group stood up.
— We agree! And now, fill everyone’s glasses to the brim!
The whole establishment was filled with the joyful roar of the fighters. Like Vikings celebrating their victory.

Suddenly, the door of the bar opens with a bang. The hall literally froze, everyone became so still, they looked at the door of the bar with their mouths open, holding spoons. 

There was a girl standing in the door, her looks clearly inspired fear. Black as the night itself, with the eyes of a Medusa, the lady slowly examined the hall and, taking a step to the centre of the hall, said clearly and as confidently as possible — “This holiday is over.”
Still standing in the centre of the hall the leader of the vacationing squad dared to object to the lady — “What is this brazen cosplayer of my ex?” The whole room was filled with laughter. “Listen, lady, get out of here before my boys fix your scary face.”


— Anne, I think… We have a problem.
— Jonah, calm down, we have dozens of guards here. — Anne said reaching for the alarm button.


The lady looked down at the smiling leader of the squad. A second later, a thermal blaster projectile flies out from behind her back, which instantly presses the leader against the wall. “Does anyone else want to argue that the holiday is over?” — the girl asked with the same confidence.


— Who the hell are you and who gave you the right to break into my bar and start a massacre here? Take one more step and my guys will tear you apart!
— So that’s what you look like, Anne Bonnie. Why so rude… But if that’s the case, I’m not gonna hold back either. You have two options. Option one — I’m destroying all of this right now with the push of a button, along with all the visitors. And the second one I like better, you tell me where my man is, and most importantly, my money.
— Who the hell are you?
— I’m your new master. I’m Madame Shea.