Pirate Chronicles. Shady business. Part 1


— You owe me, okay? — asked the slender girl, fixing the hair of an officer sitting on his knees with an old but stylish imperial blaster with rare engravings while piercing her victim with evil eyes filled with danger.


— Anne! I’ll give you everything, take whatever you want, take… — the officer begged twitching on his knees, his eyes darting around the room — Take the ship. It’s yours! Take the armour, but don’t shoot.
— Oh, dear… You know, honey. I maa-ybe could have agreed. — the pirate leader said playfully, switching to an aggressive tone. — If only you gave everything you owe back on time. Right now, you know, I’m itching to hear, what would your command say about you conspiring with the Enclave? Admit it, my joy, the Imperial tribunal will be much scarier than a shot from a beautiful lady like me.
— No, please, no!


The woman stood up, at the same moment, three men from her team literally turned the officer’s room into a place of rampant fun, throwing empty bottles, scattering a couple of not particularly valuable, but clearly distinguished pirate artefacts.


— Good night, sweetie! — said the leader and injected a pre-prepared serum with an unknown substance into the officer’s neck. — Let’s go, when they find him, they’ll punish him no less than the Baron himself!

_ A year before that… _


— What do you think? Do you like it?


The large room in one of the “Colonist” halls with a view of the setting stars and a charming panorama of the location was illuminated with a yellowish colour, filling the void of the hall with its atmosphere and thoughts about the future.


— Y… Yes, great, of course, I like it!


— If it suits you, can we make a deal? — said the voice of a mature woman, sweet but husky. It seemed as if this voice was filled with kindness and care.


— Anne, come on? Imagine your office on the Colonist! We will consult the most precious elite from all over space, even from “Ellydium” on financial issues, we will solve their problems and make crazy money! — enthusiastically spoke the man dressed in a stylish armoured suit made for business meetings.


— Honey, could you give us a minute to confer, please. — Anne spoke timidly to the local realtor with a lovely timbre. 


The woman left the room, leaving Anne and her partner alone.

— Hey, are you okay? Personal matters? You look kind of sad.
— Yes, thank you, everything… Everything’s fine. 
— Tell me, how so? You and I have been partners for a long time, but I can’t see your growth at all. You’re flying an old interceptor, and I just bought that nice gunship. It’s amazing! A true beast!
— Yeah, you’re doing great, and I’m trying to keep the money. You know, just in case I can do something really good.
— You’re always in your clouds, Annie. But it’s a nice place, isn’t it?
She smiled.
— Yeah, you’re right. — Anne said with a smile.
— Triiiiix, — yelled the man.
— Yes, yes, I’m here!
— We agree! Annie, you go to the bar and lose your stormy thoughts to the wind, you need it now. Just relax, forget about everything at least for tonight, okay?
— Okay, Ben, I got it.
— Gotcha! I might come in later after I finish a few things.


Four hours later, around midnight local time. Anne Bonnie’s private apartment at the “Colonist-17” station.


Through the silence of the night, rather loud ringing of a small personal computer breaks through. Anne hears it half-asleep, but for quite some time she can’t wake up and find the source of the sound.
— Hello, Ben? What is it?
— Can you come to our office? — said the man in a disturbed voice.
— Look, the booze marathon fizzled out a couple hours ago, and I’m already asleep.
— This is important. Belle’s here.
The girl’s face changed instantly. Through the stone outline of a strange face, she said, “I’ll be right there”.


Approaching the office. 23 minutes later.


Three armed men at the entrance to the office. They look dangerous, as pirates should.


— Hey, I’m here to see Belle. They’re waiting for me there. — Anne said anxiously.
— Boss, some girl’s here, probably for you. — said one of the guards. — Come on in.


Anne walked slowly into the room. From the first seconds, she realized that she was going to have a serious conversation. She met a tense look from her long-time partner, Ben, and the frightened look of Trix, who sat still and afraid to make a single move. There were four more security guards in the corners who looked at the boss — the man with a cigar in hands standing with his back to everyone and looking into the horizon from a panoramic window…