Pirate Chronicles. Big Boss


George was sitting right next to him, but you could see George trying not to look at the man’s face. Every pirate in the Enclave, whether he’s a soldier or a gang leader, was afraid of his Baron. The Baron, who robbed military convoys for 120 years and destroyed civilian ships. The old pirate loved silence, but someone had to start the conversation, otherwise, George remained silent, occasionally asking for a drink.


— What’s the situation? The UMC launched an attack on Fort — the Baron’s voice was monotonous and undisturbed —- Needless to say, we’re not just using the station as a warehouse. Sci-Tech specialists and our guys also live there.
— You don’t have to worry. The mercenaries don’t have the strength to break through, besides, I’m sure there are also those who sympathize with us — George drank some more from the bottle — the only thing they can do is attack our supply convoys.
— So you admit the fort is not ready for a long siege. You had to prepare the station as soon as possible, but this did not happen. The Baron pulled out a knife melted from iridium and pointed it towards the pirate. — Until recently you were only an assistant to Beard. Running errands. But you were given a chance to become a more important figure.
— I plead guilty and I assure you it will not happen again.
— I don’t want your guilt. I don’t need another station falling. In any case, you’ll be dead.


George drained the bottle and put it on the table

— The fort will stand as long as you command.
— I hope so. I don’t think I’m gonna send help your way. Jericho won’t help either. You’ll stay to face the UMC alone. We all know how they feel about pirates. — Suddenly, the Baron threw a knife into the wall just above the pirate’s head. Do not let me down.


Taking the bottle, the station commander literally ran out of the office