Pirate Chronicles. Assault



The frigate approached the ground and the landing bay hatch opened. One by one, pirates jumped from it, scattering and taking positions. Their target was a few hundred meters away. The assault has already begun. And on the other side, thug squads have already killed warehouse guards.


Kidd raised his head and saw an interceptor squadron flying by. Pilots would drop plasma bombs on a line of tanks, which should soon be here to take part in the elimination of pirates.


The explosion distracted Kidd from his thoughts and he immediately hid from enemy fire.


— Boss! Two targets at 11 o’clock and two at 2 o’clock — Yelled the young guy, lying near the concrete blocks.


Kidd took the rifle and inspected the wall. The towers were located in these places. Opponents worked in pairs, sniper plus machine gunner. William took the safety off and switched on the guidance system. It took less than three seconds for fire from both towers to cease. At the same time, the pirates rushed to the wall. Bomb squad planted charges and blew up several sections of the wall at the same time.


— Good work guys — thought Kidd — Like real soldiers


The fight outside wasn’t interesting to the pirate and he ran into one of the warehouses as soon as possible. Right at the entrance, he knocked down the imperial guard, turned around and left several thermal charges as a present. Suddenly the pirate jumped aside and fired several shots in flight. Shaking, another warehouse guard fell from the top level following his rifle.


Having run along rows with supplies and without any resistance, Kidd jumped into one of the side corridors. Right before the turn, he stopped and threw a couple of grenades ahead.


— Grenade! — cried one of the colonists when an explosion suddenly struck.


Kidd jumped out of the corner and finished every imperial off with a headshot.


— Ha! Damn imperial dogs. Hiding from me in some holes. — William shook the corridor with his shout.


After a few minutes, he was already in the control room. He blasted the door and immediately killed the first guy he saw, simply stabbing him.


— It’s best not to piss me off, guys! — The pirate shouted to two more workers — Quickly remove the roofs of your warehouses. From now on, all property belongs to the Enclave!


Without waiting for an answer, Kidd threw a body at one of the Imperials, dropping him to the floor.


— Wait! I’ll do it! — The second colonist yelled, running to the control panel — I will open everything now.


After some 30 seconds, hangar doors began to open and the first transports hovered over them.


— Great job rookie! I invite you on an unforgettable journey to the solar system. —

Kidd pointed the rifle at the imperial and prepared to shoot — you can visit the Martian laboratories and see the Emperor himself!


A second later there was a shot and the pirate ran to the second.


— Still lying there? William asked, — Apostle’s today, so you can get up another time.


Kidd planted the grenade under the imperial and ran out of the room. There was an explosion, but the pirate did not pay attention. He ran to share the loot.

Sounds like that processing rig mission kinda. Escort allies in. Escort allies n loot out.

This does not sound like a situation from the future with nanobots and teleportation. Grenades!!?? Shooting in the head? I doubdt they still do it in the future. This vision is very retro, old-fashioned. Please, make it more futuristic by opening your mind and imagining the future with many more possibilities.

4 hours ago, inyazserg said:


This is just a story. They’re not adding a first-person mode to the game lol.

I wonder if this is foreshadow for what’s happening in 10 hours, like the enclave stated in discord

Captain Kidd when the Emperor is going to Take off from Martian Laboratories to kick him in the balls