Pirania B2/SC League-Question

I have two questinos.


First i would like to know why the Pirania B2- the Rank 15 Federation gunship is now so popular. I see it often now, while before it was rarely used.


Second i would like to know a good ship setup for SC league for average players. Normally u face engineer/gunship combos or COvOps/ECM combos, which are tough to handle since an average team is too slow to react to the shock assault from these.


I thought about using guards, but these are too slow. Copying is also not possible due to lack of ships. Any ideas? Perhaps federation adaptive guards?

700 m/s troll gunship, immune to ECM :smiley:

And no, I see different setups in SCL. From 4 recons to 3 guards and an engie. 

Teamwork is always going to be better than composition in leagues. A good one that seems to work okay: engi, guard, recon, tackler.


Remember that dying removes the ship from your lineup, and plan for that by either taking four of one role (pretty sure it’s only particularly feasible on engi) or by having a more fluid team composition.