Pings and lead times

The only games that I can get into without waiting 5 minutes are non-us servers. As such, pings are >150ms. In those scenarios, it’s damn near impossible to hit with any weapon other than beams or rails. I can’t hit xxxx with the singularity or gauss. I’m not horrible with aiming by any means, nor is this anywhere near twitch shooters (which I loath). So, all I can do is assume it’s either hit detection due to piss poor design, or lagshielding (I hope the latter).

How far out beyond the “estimated” bubble are you having to lead a target on high ping servers? I’d love to switch over and try some of these other configs but not being able to hit a damn thing just makes me want to switch to some other chassis or roll another game.


Singularity is very, very slow without projectile speed boosts.  Gauss is a fast, but you’re relying only on aim instead of a projectile trail.  I rarely see gauss used in a match, and I don’t use it so I’ll let the “gauss masters” respond.

keep aim assist on, the circle is not an accurate place to aim without it for some reason.  not sure what it does but i get duds or phantom shots without it sometimes.

unless i use lasers… sweet delicious lasers.