Pilot's Destroyers Gravity Well (not spec ops)

Watch that video, and  tell me if you saw what I saw, a gravity well generated near the center of rotation on the destroyer…

Doesnt that seem a little ridiculous? Not complaining (until I have to fight against it in an adaptive ship), but still, if you can fly practically any interceptor WITHIN the destroyer’s shields, what’s the point of bringing enemies into your shields? just asking…

can you link to the time in the video? it is an hour long. XD


Also, adaptive builds only require 10% above your max speed, so there should be no problems keeping speed if you fly parallel to the effect, or fly across it. Plus, anything that warps you will keep adaptive effects.


Black-holes are only OP close-range. Just keep your distance and you should be fine. Also, if you are targeted by a black-hole generator, simply cloak or move behind something. ^^

The gravity well/black hole is an offensive module. The one generated on top of Lezort’s destroyer was from someone else trying to kill him.