Pilot stats & new premium ships as stated.


There is an issue on pilot stats on completed assignments for all 3 factions.

For example, my profile and all others are showing 0/0 rather than 27/27 all completed along down the bottom of the stats.

Also to mention that the Jericho Premium ships, Blood Tormentor & flamberge not glowing properly with those electrical statics effects as they were when we first purchased them. every one is complaining about that too

Can you please tell us if all this is going to be fixed?

Kind Regards


Game name: GraveShifter.

The first bug about the assignments is just visual. They’re done but they show 0/0. When they fix that you will be back to normal.


The second but is also known, the glowing effects work on battle, but not on hangar for some reason. Still on it.

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