"Pilot Parade"

Star Conflict is celebrating its first birthday!

Oh, how many interesting things we’ve been through together! We had our ups and downs, we learned to maneuverm we unlocked hidden ships! And today we celebrate our first birthday! We announce a contest for the most courageous pilots, for those who are not afraid to challenge the cosmos and show everyone how it’s done!

We launch a competition of Aerobatics in Space - The Pilot Parade!

Type of contest:

Competition for the best solo and best group aerobatics!
Duration: From 1.02.13 to 24.02.13.
Results of the competition will be announced on 28.02.13.

The task: Hone your aerobatics skills alone or as part of a corporation, record a video of your performance and submit it to the contest.

Rules of submission:

Only videos with recorded performance of stunts are accepted in this contest.
Each category can only be represented by one work from the same pilot.
However, if the pilot has already submitted an individual work, he can also submit another video for the competition as part of a corporation.

Prize fund:

Provided for three prizes in two categories.

Category I: "Solo flying."

(In this category, a pilot demonstrates aerobatics figures such as spirals, loops, etc.).

1st place - 3000 gold standards.
2nd place - 2000 gold standards.
3rd place - 1000 gold standards.

Evaluation criteria:

Performance skill;
Performance aesthetics;
Original figures are welcome.

Please note: The name of the category “Solo” means only that the maneuvers on videos are performed by one pilot (one ship). The video itself is easier made with a friend. One flies, the other records. If your video wins - the prize will be given to both the director and the pilot!

Category II: "Group aerobatics."

(In this category, multiple pilots show aerobatics figures such as spirals, loops and others. The number of participants is limited to a squad, i.e., maximum - 4 ships).

1st place - 3000 gold standards.
2nd place - 2000 gold standards.
3rd place - 1000 gold standards.

If you win the prize, it’s going to be given to each pilot + the director (for example, everyone gets 2000 gold standards).

Performance criteria:

Performance skill;
Performance aesthetics;
Original figures are welcome;
Synchronous execution of all figures by the pilots.

Video submission rules:

HD-quality video files are accepted.
The video must be recorded in one of the popular formats (AVI, MPEG, MP4).
Video files submitted to the contest must be posted on YouTube, and a link to the file should be published in this forum thread.

Videos must be signed with the following commentary:

  1. Nomination for the presented video.
  2. The participant’s name or the list of participants’ names from a corporation (pilots flying in the video).
  3. The director’s identity.
  4. If the work is represented by a Corporation, please provide the name of the Corporation.
  5. Name of the figure that you present in the video.

Example signature to the video:

Nomination: “Corporation Aerobatics”
Figure - Barrel roll, 
Participants: Vasya, Katya, Andrey.
Director: Max
Corporation: Sosedy.

It is also necessary to send a personal message with list of logins from the Pilots participating video (e-mails, which you use to login to the game.)

WARNING: Do not post logins in the forum topic!


Pay attention!
A video clip should include a single stunt.
Each pilot can submit one piece to the competition in the same category.
This means that you can submit one piece in Solo and 1 figure in the Corporation categories.
If a video from the Corporation receives one of the three prize places, the prizes are only given to those of the Corporation Pilots who fly in the video + the director.
Videos and the winners will be published on the official website!

Good luck!





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If interrested in the Song:

is the Link to the original.

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The event has ended. On February 28th we will post the results.

Congratulation to our winners:F4ker,Beastrabban,Gentaei.

Each of you will get 2000GS.