Photoshop geniuses?

I’m trying my darndest to get that ship hangar background without any ships over it and it is so tedious that it’s painful.


My hand hurts from all the selecting and removing and moving and layering etc etc etc and this is as far as I’ve come because of a few selection and screenshot errors:


Anyone have any suggestions to get it easier?

2 minutes ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Anyone have any suggestions to get it easier?


I may have a solution for you. Give me some time and I will have at least an answer. o/


1920x1080 .png please. It’s for a thing I’m working on and the devs still have yet to give me or anyone access to image assets.

Wait actually I just found a much easier way to do this lol. Status in 5.

Just ask for original that is packed in game files.

There are quite a few people around who have the whole client …unpacked…


Whoever has this I demand it be sent to me immediately.

You know how to contact me.

And here is progress so far. Bottom ones are harder because I can’t scroll the elly ship bits far enough out of the way…


you could try to extracet the texture with uMod from the running game.


I can’t recall what the program was I used to open the textures in the game folder and I can’t use uMod coz Star Conflict doesn’t run in Wine anymore.

Graphic design is my passion.


but seriously if someone has assets they are mine

disregard this topic. too far in to change the background again. XD

did you check ?

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Fan kit hasn’t been updated in forever.

meh i just wanted to give it a go