Photon computers



What do you think about the photon comps, as it seems they are far more powerful than the Quantum Comps.


Basically, they work “outside”, not “inside”, compared to the ones we’re used to now (PCs, servers and quantum comps):

  1. there are about 10^45 photons leaving the Sun every second! When a problem has huge data requirements, it is defined and  random data is generated, and placed in a table/matrix/map. This table can be 8x8 like in chess, or 8 million x 8 million. Or millions of billions. Size is not important, as long as it’s hard to reach 10^45 calculations in a second! After placing the data, the table is simply projected outside, using a more or less advanced projector. Or more projectors. Obviously, during daytime ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

1.1. Important note : the number 10^45 photons/second is valid in the visible spectrum. And it seems the number of photons sent out by the Sun, in invisible band is…infinite, because an accelerating electron undergoes a continuum of wavelengths, as stated here: So theoretically, this means that whoever uses photons to compute something, it has (or can reach for) about…infinite computing power.

  1. Photons are known to behave both like a particle and like a wave. So, when they “hit” the table projected outside, they return a 1 or 0. A true or false. This sticks to base 2 simply because the computed data can be huuuuge.

  2. The results are collected in different ways (sometimes only the 1s or Ts) and they form the solution. All this, simply using the Sun light.


It’s interesting to see if power is needed for this, or a 100% offgrid solution would work. A few solar panels would provide more than enough power.


What do you think?




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