Photo contest 'Cosmonautics day'



55 years ago, the first human launched into space. On April 12th, 1961 the ship “Vostok” with Yuri Gagarin on board circled the planet and returned safely to the ground! We want to once again congratulate you with this great achievement of humanity and invite to participate in our photo contest!


Contest terms:

  • Subject: ‘Cosmonautics day’.
  • Format: Photo.
  • Each contestant can only present one entry.
  • Entries have to be published in a special forum thread.

Photo requirements:

  • All entries must contain the phrase ‘Cosmonautics day’ or ‘55 years in space’ anywhere on the photo, not added with graphics editors!
  • The photo must be original and created specifically for this contest.
  • Description of the entry has to specify your game nickname.
  • Photo can be done anywhere, the main thing — the phrase, which can be made anywhere and with anything (except graphics editors, of course).


  • Entry evaluation will be based on the photo’s visuals and originality.
  • Using graphics editors is prohibited.
  • The winners are determined by the administration. Three winners will be selected according to the results of the contest.


  • 1st place award — 5000 Galactic Standards.
  • 2nd place award — 4000 Galactic Standards.
  • 3rd place award — 3000 Galactic Standards.


Entry admission will close on April 25th. Winners will be announced on April 29th. Good luck, pilots!




The contest, devoted to the 55 anniversary of manned flight into space, ended. Thanks to all the participants, for your photos and time that you spent to amaze us. And you really did it!

Congratulations to the winners!


1st place — RennieAsh




2nd place — PapyMcBites




3rd place — TheStig