Phantom ship


Pilots from the fringe sectors tell many stories about a phantom ship. Some claim that they have repeatedly seen it both on radar monitors and from the cockpits of their ships with their own eyes. However, there is no real confirmation of their words — on-board computer logs suddenly end up empty, and memory cards fail. But all the tales of the phantom ship are alike. And they all end in tragedy…


An encounter with the phantom ship always takes place away from the main galactic routes. It slowly emerges from the blackness of space. A broken mast, rusted towers and huge barrels of the main calibre scare all the pilots who see them. Slowly, the phantom ship swims past, and woe to those who dare attack it.

There is no historical evidence of where the phantom ship came from or where it goes. Many believe that this is one of those ships that were sent from the legendary Earth back in the era of the construction of “Frontier”, a giant booster complex for travelling to distant worlds.


Others say that such ships were used by fanatics of the so-called “Divide” during the heyday of the Direktorium and the first galactic religious wars. Back then, original designs and engineering solutions flourished, and engines were put on anything that could potentially become a warship.

Another story that survived to this day claims that the phantom ship was created by the genius of the land of the rising sun. His small team of like-minded people dreamed of finding answers to all the questions of the universe. In an old ship graveyard, they stumbled upon an almost-intact destroyer of ancient American construction. The ship’s hull fit perfectly to accommodate an experimental propulsion system developed by the genius. Having decided to give their spaceship an unusual appearance, they made it resemble the original naval ship and named it in honour of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto.


Having built the ship, the genius and his team left Earth and set off on a long journey across the galaxy. Their ultimate goal is unknown. But according to rumours, the Yamamoto team was supposed to reach a distant star system in the Carina–Sagittarius Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Allegedly there they could gain secret knowledge of the universe, the path of humanity and the Signal. The ship disappeared on the way, and no one knows if the travellers were able to reach their goal.


Now the phantom ship Yamamoto is just a legend among pilots and mercenaries in the fringe sectors. They say that seeing it leads to misfortune. To the death of relatives and friends. It is said that this ship has incredible power and impenetrable shields. They say that no one has yet been able to defeat it in battle. But times are changing. And some pilots boast that they controlled the phantom ship themselves, and some secret shipyard even takes orders for its production for all pilots.

*vibrates at a frequency that shatters bulletproof glass*

I have no idea what to make of this but I guess it is spoopy month


> some pilots boast controlling it
> a shipyard takes orders for it


Second thought sounds like an upcoming unique? 

Oh dis gun be interestin’ ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”) i hope

Muh pirate destroyer is here?

Curious, will it be a stealthy destroyer? 

So Space Battleship Yamato will be coming to Star Conflict? Nice

Honestly, a spaceship that resembles a real naval battleship? Nice! Yes please!

I guess this will be under “unique” tab, probably something similar to the Object NY18.

Please don’t be too expensive!

I still really want an F-22

Imagine the F-22 as a wolfhound reskin. I would legit use that forever if i could.

But yes; i really hope it has some interesting ship specific modules kind of like the NY18.

the ‘secret shipyard’ can’t stay secret forever… UMC PLS!!!  ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)