Permanent Structures

In Open Space, there really isn’t much to do besides forage for materials, or fight off enemies or players. This gets rather monotonous after a while and I propose a new feature be added: the Stronghold.

These would be player/NPC built structures that resemble small stations. Some would have turrets. Some with docking areas. Some with civilian areas. Etc. These would be able to be built by any ship, but Engineers should have the advantage in building them faster, stronger, and more varied. They should start out as a relatively small radar station with no real features besides acting as a sort of heavy-duty micro-locator for the player and their corporation. After spending more time there, it could be upgraded directly using foraged resources to increase its size and capabilities to host more turrets or functions like cargo sending/processing, and possibly even docking once it grows to a certain size. Once a Stronghold grows to the size of a station, the sector should be considered “captured” by that corporation and then a dreadnought would need to be tasked to take over that sector again by destroying, or severely damaging the Stronghold.

Strongholds could be damaged by enemies and rival corporations to reduce their hold on the sector as well. There could be multiple Strongholds per sector but only the largest will give sector capture points.


These could be a great team task for players and could also greatly reward staying in a given sector for a long time with things such as mining rigs and other beneficial things like this.

Players and bots could also add “landing platforms” to their structures that allowed allied (or any) ships to land to gain repairs, or drop off items, or sell items, or anything.