Performance drop

Well yesterday my computer died. And now I have a much more powerful one, with a catch… it plays at a lower frame rate than my old one. My new computer is running an intel I5 with 12GB of RAM, along side with 1GB of graphics memory (Will put up a Dxdiag file on request).

Are you sure you have all your drivers up to date? You can check with a program called SlimDrivers Free. It will tell you if there are driver updates that you do not have.

I’ll be checking all of my drivers today just in case.

I know its been a couple of days since you last posted but do you still have issue ? If so, can you list your computer spec ?



My new computer is running an intel I5 with 12GB of RAM, along side with 1GB of graphics memory


This got me worried as I see no GPU listed there…

The issue is still present with my old graphics settings ingame, so I just altered my preferences to unfortunately… a lot lower. Performance is no longer an issue however as the game now runs at 40-60fps.

Alright, reply again if you have further issue but please if you do so, list your system spec.



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