People are complaining about the wrong thing...

So I’ve read the forums for quite a while, playing till rank 7 at the moment and decided to post my own thoughts.  I love seeing people complain about snipers…torp frigates…captain game modes… etc etc. I have one option that will fix all of this…


Stop throwing us into a game.  BINGO YAHTZEE! Yes if we can choose our own mission to join, even “queue” for multiple not only will it help us get our contracts, i.e. capture beacons and yet we get a captain mission 7 times in a row… but it will help us prepare for the inevitability to have said better captains.  


When you get to choose said mission then you get to know what ships are better.  You will no longer have the snipers chose a mission that’s horrible for sniping and chose a better mission where they can get more kills (because lets face it, team game?  nope its always about one self…jk should be a team game) but I think it would greatly improve our chances of have the correct ships…for the correct missions… if we can choose it. 


Well I may be wrong, not the first time, but I know I would love to be able to chose or queue for my own missions. Thank you everyone :slight_smile:

or you could play in a squad

i have a bro with me that we always snipe off captain that is prone with warp gate and do some crazy stuff lol

Aye, squads work, but none the less… why “must” we play in a squad… again the choosing a mission is probably best

A option to choose what gamemode we want would be great, and a real random option where the server wont give you the same gamemode a thousand times in a row


Ontop id like to see a option to vote for a captain…

Yeah, we need to be able to choose what game modes to play. Unless I am playing in a squad, I hate captains mode and would like to avoid it.

Yeah, and in a few days, someone will ask for a NO-frigates mode or the ability to play only against nubs. Don’t avoid the difficulties, learn to overcome them.

Yeah, and in a few days, someone will ask for a NO-frigates mode or the ability to play only against nubs. Don’t avoid the difficulties, learn to overcome them.


I dont have a problem with the challenge, and i think most asking for the choice do neither, im just tired of playing a dozen detonations, a couple recon’s, a couple detonations, but never domination for example, if it would be truly random id like it, but it doesnt feel that way

I’ve overcome, at the top of the list with any ship I play with (except frigs I’m more of in the middle) Just would like to see the randomness taking out of the equation.  No reason why this cant easily be implemented.

The randomness is what makes it more fair, especially from a match-up perspective.

I think being able to opt out of specific gamemodes would be great if the player pool is large enough to support split queues.  Until then, I think all gamemodes enabled is the way to go for faster queue.

If snipers get to choose a map that is best for sniping then the entire instance would be made up of snipers. Sorry but this idea only sounds good on paper. T2 has some maps with lots of cover and sparse cover. When you learn about the area you have a better chance to prepare. I see too many people complain about snipers but don’t use cover at all.


What was done with the flares was a great help to reduce the Torp spamming but I think the real solution to Snipers would be a cooldown skill slightly longer than a snipers rate of fire that would quickly dash the ship to one side/forward/backward for X amount of distance. This gives people who are out of cover SOMETHING but snipers would still be able to take you out if you stayed in the open for long.