Peace Pledge





To whom it may concern,


I, Master Sho, Chief Executive Officer of the Scattered Eagles Corporation, hereby pledge unbiased, fair neutrality throughout the galaxy. In calling of this pledge, I will hereby offer my corporate services for the open hire of those who request our presence in light of darker hours, be it in the battlefield or in other circumstances.


These corporate services will include:

  • T3 Sector invasion support, offensive or defensive.
  • T3 Battlefield tactical advice, offensive or defensive.
  • Skirmish and mission assistance.
  • Espionage and intelligence.
  • Escort and interstellar resource transportation.

The Scattered Eagles will remain an impartial, non-personal corporation of business interest only until such time declares this document invalid. At any given time, exemptions may be applied under circumstances. We reserve the right to withhold information from any entity at any time, customer, employer, external interest or otherwise.


This document is hereby in official effect.


  • Sho


Scattered Eagles

Chief Executive Officer


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