paying to "relearn" modules and weapons that have already been manufactured

since that last patch I have discovered that for some of my weapons including beam canons and doomsday missiles that I have to pay to learn them, several other weapons pasma conons T3 for instance That I had not yet manufactured but still had a blueprint for (just need to level up a plasma gun)

I do not have to “relearn” yet a weapon I have in my warehouse I have to relearn, I am not understanding why this is so.

it’s only a few credits. still it shouldnt happen but only a few credits. deal

Only a few credits yeah, but when you want to buy a new ship, you don’t want to waste credit for something you should not.

I have the same problem. Crafted t3 RT and mk5 railguns; but still have to buy the blueprint.

3M5 the RT + 4M the railguns, well I think I’ll stay with only one of those.

If I had the blueprint I would have crafted another railgun.

I purchased the Orion pirate targeting blueprint, it isn’t even available any more.


Got one for 6M credit. I spend just about that on T5 ships. Let alone one module.

well now I don’t consider over 5m credits to be a “few” credits, especially for something that is sitting in my armory, already manufactured when the other weapon that was not manufactured came up as free to learn, all the rest of the relearning costs I simply paid for again. Hell, I don’t even mind paying the manufacturing fees now charged, but the inconsistancy here is very obvious…