patch 5.0 spawn bug

so we got the new patch yay~

alot if things changed and its rather nice , but dem evil bugs, everywhere~

i wasnt sure if its the right section for this bug but here we go

Bug A,

losing lock on the target:

while playing suddenly the lock on disapears for no reason , need to relock even though you pressed nothing.

is not an effect of a module or anything similar.


i guess it was the auto aim option, id tick it off if i were you, its just too sensitive.

Bug B.

thats a nasty one…

the spawn screen gets stuck and while your ship flys youre unable to control it and you can see both map

and gameplay, self destruct, or loging in/out doesnt help

although it doesnt show that the ships are in battle when quiting the battle, after you log out and in the screen shows the correct messege. (2 seperate bugs i know, but might be connected.)

bug C.

no HUD bug

clean and simple no trace of the HUD

its like watching a movie lol

happened after i reloged to fix BUG B.

sorry if this is the wrong bug section, i couldnt realy fit these 3 anywhere else lol

happy flying

Hi, thanks for your reports.

I got a few reports about these bugs yesterday and all were from members of the vanguard faction.

So are you also on vanguard?

hey error,

nope im an armada, but i rather double check but im not sure how.

will post ASAP


confirming as armada

There was a hotfix so the bug should be gone.