Patch 0.6.5 is on the way

Patch 0.6.5 is on the way.

Soon the waiting time will be over an you will be impressed…

There will be a new PvE mission mode called “Shipyard defense”.

This mode will be the beginning of the upcoming storyline, but today we want to tell you more about the mechanics of this new game mode.

You and your team will be granted with the task to protect the shipyard where the first Dreadnought is under construction.

The AI-controlled enemies will try everything to destroy the Dreadnought so be prepared for everything. The enemies will spawn in waves with different difficulty and in the fourth round the enemy leader himself will take part in the attack. He will be flying “The Punisher” a very powerfull T5 ship with unique abilities. The enemy ships may be even on a higher Tier than your ship, but this makes it a bigger challange.

On the map will be 3 monitoring stations located, which are necessary to finish the construction of the Dreadnought. Don’t let the enemy capture them!

Keep in mind that at least one station needs to survive the battle and time is limited.

Do you think you are a pilot which can stand this challange?

Prepare your ship and meet the other pilots on the mission!

If you succeed to protect the Dreadnought you will be rewarded with usefull modules for T2 ships and a couple of Gold Standards!

Be ready for the mission and don’t forget to leave some comments on the game forum.

can’t wait :slight_smile: