Panorama: Pandora orbit anomaly



Pandora is full of mysteries.One of them is a mysterious object in the orbit of the planet, whose discovery, as it often happens, made the explorers sacrifice their lives in the name of science and progress.

Analysis of data collected by the lost Imperial research vessel “Pathfinder” suggests that the object is an energetically unstable anomaly, emitting powerful bursts of energy in irregular patterns. mercenaries from the three sides of the global conflict still engage in fierce battles for the right to study the mysterious anomalies. Despite the fact that each party promises generous pay for establishing control over the region, in fact, the mercenaries are employed as a kind of lab rats, literally thrown as close as possible to the anomaly in the hopes of discovering its effects. Battles always spark in the vicinity of the dangerous object, and no one is safe from its undesirable effects, on the pilots themselves, and on their ships.

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This is a great map.

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