Panorama of Warden Outpost Ruins

Fringe sectors

System: Felony

Position: Warden outpost ruins


For centuries Felony system has been a hub of important scientific laboratories, including top secret ones, and the Warden outpost destroyed at the start of the Alien invasion, had been the Order’s main base in this sector. This system was hit hard during the first Alien attack, but no one knows why, although many believe that the imperial command has some information.


During the Invasion, Cybers attempted to install a beacon in the zone. The attempt was accompanied by an Alien attack. Officially there were no survivors in the zone of conflict, but a small Warden squad allegedly managed to survive after all. For this reason, ‘Guardian-17’ station intermittently launches rescue operations. On the record, they want to get more information from eyewitnesses and render any possible assistance.