Panorama of the tutorial mission “Lost”




Refugees from the internal sectors of the former Empire, who had long since flooded the surviving orbital stations of the Damned Flotilla, were able to rent ships and even hire guards from Sparta with their last savings. The convoy, accompanied by former imperial dreadnoughts, was to deliver the survivors to the surviving planets of the Federation. Unfortunately, during the journey, the convoy was attacked by aliens and was almost completely destroyed. 


The distress signal, which they managed to send from the flagship of the convoy, was received by the Guardian-17 tracking stations from the Ontregos system. The former military imperial command was able to assemble a task force and send it to the place where the tragedy happened. The leader of the rescue expedition is Kyle Curran.


But, unfortunately, the rescue of the survivors is actively hampered by alien ships patrolling the wreckage. But the hope remains that at least someone survived.

The mission is available to all new players. You can restart the mission in Esc-menu → “Help” → “Tutorial”

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