Panorama of 'System Kayeed'


In the times when the Empire didn’t have a foothold in the nearby sector, Kayeed system was the main hub for pirates, gangsters and other riff-raff. It was here that they built small fuel stations, bars and casinos. This was the place for illegal transactions, weapon smuggling and drug trafficking. Traders and raiders often settled conflicts by shooting down ships of ‘traitors’ and competitors on approach to certain amusement facilities, and that’s why the zone dubbed the ‘Range’. Over time, all the locals separated into gangs with their own areas and started fighting even more often. Imperial forces from Ontregos quickly dispersed the mob and even left a few patrols, but the Alien invasion forced Imperials to withdraw all capable forces back to base, so pirates and raiders once again took their rightful place in the system of Kayeed.

This is totally on-topic: REMOVE THOSE 100 CREDIT DROPS ALREADY!  srsly thou they are even in the Fort

Include normal bp in those alien bp! Not only the vouchers.