Panorama of Restricted sectors. System: Pandora. Position: Dreadnought Debris


Restricted sectors

System: Pandora

Position: Dreadnought Debris

The center of Pandora system is the confirmation of Precursors’ enormous power. Mankind was in its infancy when they had already forced a star to serve them by turning it into a generator. For thousands of years Pandora supplied Precursors with energy for experiments.

The surface of this celestial body is covered with lava-like liquid substance, which acts as a lid that holds the energy inside the star and does not allow it to glow.

Ships trapped in the low-radiation zone around the planet disappear. Regarding high-radiation hotbeds, even less is known about them — any hardware that gets into the zone’s periphery instantly crashes. Outside Pandora system, such phenomena have not been detected.

The conflict over Pandora is the fight for incredibly valuable research equipment, missing in the heart of the system, together with a large-scale expedition, whose purpose was to scrutinize, and possibly make the Precursor star-generator work to their advantage.