Panorama of Restricted sectors. System: Pandora. Position: Devil's Jaw



Restricted sectors

System: Pandora

Position: Devil’s Jaw

Space holds many secrets, and this sector is one of the most mysterious and dangerous of them. Most ships, whose route ran through this area, never reached their destination.

Abnormal activity in this part of the universe was known even during the reign of the ancient Precursor race. Legend has it that Precursor warriors used distortion of time and space as a trap to kill enemies. Since then and to this day more than a hundred ships have disappeared without a trace in the sector, including several research expeditions.

Research in the anomalous zone helped establish that objects like ‘Devil’s Jaw’ introduce significant distortion in the structure of space and time, which disables all navigation systems, and jam signals of other receivers for many light years around. Installation of navigation beacons prevented further accidents, but it sparked a war for the right to explore such objects.

Space is so pretty in this game… I heard that with VR goggles the floating asteroids in the background seem to be IN the map and not a background.