Panorama of Fringe sectors. System: Mezza



Fringe sectors

System: Mezza

Position: Sorting Facility

In times of Jericho’s expansion into Pallas system, many ore-rich asteroids were detected in neighbouring systems. Development began almost immediately after the construction of the station ‘Mendes-IX’, and it continues to this day. In order to cope with the processing of large quantities of ore, an autonomous sorting facility was built in the fringe Mezza system. The facility’s location allowed to deliver processed ore to all Jericho systems as fast as possible.

Regular Cyber raids made Jericho command organize serious defences of the facility, but it still faltered under the pressure of the first wave of Alien invasion. When the main Alien forces retreated, Cybers occupied the empty and relatively intact sorting facility, but it is not clear for what purpose.

Congratulations! This was the last one. Every location has a panorama view available now. It’s time for some open space expansion. 

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Oh. There is something that would be nice to have refreshed: Empire and Federation shipyards. The Jericho shipyard panorama is nice but in the other two hardly anything can be seen. A better spot could have been picked to look around. I think these two were made early before the maps were finished.