Panorama of "Fire Support" battle

A distress signal have been recieved from the complex ‘Naberia-392’. A UMC Reconnaissance Squad is requesting fire support. Our people are conducting an investigation at the plant. They are looking for a connection between the plant and the dangerous criminal Miss Summer. They've just informed us about an attack of unknown ships.

You are going to have to act above the surface of a planetoid. The old Federation plant was remodeled a few years ago, it was used to build ships and modules for Cybers and pirates. Now the plant iss empty, but its system support and defence mechanisms are still online.

The enemy uses unknown technology to open portals. We can not predict how many opponents you are going to face. In addition, our scanners are detecting an abnormally large object approaching the plant. Exercise extreme caution.

Fire Support is alright since it can be run quickly. I poked around the map a little bit last week. By the way, it would be helpful if you allowed ships to pass through the map ceiling to return to battle instead of locking them out of the rest of the fight.