Panorama of Alien's locations 'System: Unknown'


Scientists still have not come to a consensus: whether this world is a different universe or an unexplored area of our own. In any case, artifacts obtained in battles with Aliens, do not give reason to doubt that this world is their home. The first mercenaries found themselves in this mysterious world due to disturbance of warp radiation while jumping between systems. However, spontaneity of these disturbances did not allow mankind to study the Alien homeland seriously. The gates to another world, built by Cybers, changed everything.

You can easily determine if the system is near yours/same galaxy or even not. Didn’t they use the position of start to distinguish where this system belong to?

Second: Why aren’t scientists ordered to investigate those ‘supergates’?

Third: Why are there two ‘supergates’ connected to this/such a system, but not reconnecting to each other too?

Question over question…

Looks Awesome!