Panorama: Abandoned Beacon (Before and After Attack)

Federation Command planned to place the station ‘New Eden’ in this zone, and even set up a beacon to coordinate the fleet, but large numbers of asteroids made it impossible to launch the construction of necessary scale. As a result, the base was moved, and the zone vacated. Over time, the beacon got scavenged for parts and the only thing that's left is its bulky frame, which has become a haven for artifact smugglers. During the invasion, Aliens managed to destroy all life that was in the area during the attack. A Federation transport convoy also got taken down. Scouts could not figure out why the Aliens needed this zone and the reasons for their constant presence in the area are still unknown. Smugglers in the zone were also destroyed, but many rumors have it that a cache of smuggled artifacts is located in the zone, which makes mercenaries regularly comb the area in spite of biomorph ships.

“cache of smuggled artifacts”


Spatial scanner, 700 m/s Konkistador. Weak aliens.


I’m comin’ for ya’.

Too bad I have too see it here… Wish i could log in and see it but the game is broken…

if this is about merchant transport ships , i kill 12 of them so far and here is the  loot 1 pure silicone and the rest 23 container was credits 5+13k mostly. And spatial useless there no blue sign

I see some story developing here… Maybe there’s actually something going on in that sector? Maybe the Defiler was releasing “alien gas” the whole time to turn pilots in that sector in to bios? Maybe that is where I get my Hunter? Maybe I’m stating too many questions? Maybe my punctuation is wrong? Maybe I really want to know every single detail?

Maybe there’s actually something going on in that sector? Maybe the Defiler was releasing “alien gas” (…)

Like, he farted?

Like, he farted?

Yes. Like he farted. That’s exactly what I mean.

//end sarcasm

I mean like some sort of contaminant that affects ships and objects in that sector in some way. Maybe infecting them or building tiny structures inside hulls/asteroids.