P2W supports trolls?

Ineed2beStronger (from P2W corp) pretended to play a few matches in portals, yesterday, 08.05.2024.
It’s true we were a disadvantaged team, as the enemies were very strong and skilled players, while we had 1-2 bots in our team, or very weak players. However, his behaviour is against the basics of this game, all the more in the portals section. The server linked us in about 3-4 matches together.

In every single one of these, this troll - even though he has some pvp skills - pretended to fight/shoot, then gave up, standing still near rocks.
This gave our team - repeatedly!! - a great disadvantage, brought by his non-combat attitude.
I told him i would report him for being a coward basically, several times. He has that “situational awareness” where he “realises” that our team would loose because the enemies are stronger. And this seems to be the alibi to do nothing, thereby causing the whole team losses, by refusing to play.

After i reported him, he played coward/troll/trash again: insulted me and then right away put me on ignore (like a real man does ha ha) so that i can not reply to his venomous lines. You can see his “skills” in the print-screen attached.


Afaik, non-combat (pvp, pve, all) is severely punished, so please, I hope he gets what he has been looking for.

Also, I decided to make this public in order for everyone to see who this guy really is. Even if he got some top places in a few tournaments, it still means nothing as long as he has this trash/toxic play-style and language.