Overall opinion

I’ll start from beginning. First thing when I’ve entered the game that caught my attention was lack of any tutorial. But then I thought “who needs tutorial if interface is so intuitive?”. I think that I haven’t seen any game that has so well-thought and cool interface. I didn’t have any problems with buying and equipping my interceptor. Next great invention is sound from game while on desktop, and by the way it’s switches back and forth smooth and quickly without crashes, I was really impressed!

My last mmo game was APB:Reloaded, so I was really pleasantly surprised by matchmaking which is very fair in comparison with other games. And there’s still that great music playing in the background! Many hollywood films had much worse.

So, first spawn… and jaw drop. I’ll never get tired of micro-jumps, haha! Graphic is really jaw dropper, and it runs smoothly on my old 2,4ghz intel with 4gb ddr2 radeon 4870, constant 60fps with aax4 on 1920x1080, what is this, magic? That rgb tilt, lights from explosions on asteroids, views on planets(vulcano map is the best!), just crazy. Map designs, asteroids, wreckages, structures are very well thought, there are many places to run or attack from cover. Ships models are solid too, I like that they doesn’t look like toys, that they look realistic, not caricatural. And everything of that completes great “dry” fx sounds and epic soundtrack. Pew pew pew!

I have to say that my first fight was pvp, I wasn’t playing with any tutorials, who needs this? I didn’t had any problems with controls, ther’re as much intuitive as interface. After few matches I discovered F10 button, and there wasn’t anything that I haven’t already knew(cyrylica reading skill was helpful hehe). I was surprised that there are bots, and I was even more surprised that AI can be often smarter than human player. I was shooting bot and he was near death when he suddenly used cloak, just like in intro movie, damn! They also team very well, flyes in bunches and picks up lonely players and hunt them down. And everything of that smoothly with good ping. Magic again! Respect to programmers. On the other hand on replay you can see that they could play better, use mods more often and stop stucking in obstacles.

I’m sci-fi maniac so I felt in love from a first seeing with this game. But I think that “normal” players will like this title too. My friend isn’t space lover and prefers fps games, but I was playing with him today and he likes it, he sais that SC is cool. I think that this game is probably the best I’ve ever played in evey aspect. So I hope that you won’t change anything too much and won’t screw it up, like many other games I’ve played. Mainly because of whining players and greed.

So I wish good luck to whole team making this game and keep up the good work!

Thanks for your feedback and go on playing and having fun;)

Cya in space :01212:

I wasn’t playing with any tutorials, who needs this?

who needs tutorials? we are men :smiley: