Over 4000 players !

Yes we have reached 4000 !

Congratulation ! Hope this number will continue to grow :stuck_out_tongue:


http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/screenshot130303142729.jpg/’> screenshot130303142729.jpg


Wow, that’s great news. I guess Steam, combined with the recent YouTube coverage, is largely responsible.

Mainly Steam

Sadly that same growth has the down side of bringing every kid with more attitude then common sense.  Note I saw this and downloaded this through Steam.  But there is still truth that now comes the hoards of inconsiderate, foul mouthed, prepubescents onto the forums.  (Heavy Sigh)  :facepalm:

kinda need moderator in general chat too now , most of times alot spammers there…

I assume they’ll put a right click ignore feature in at some point.

I saw 4000+ yesterday too.  I’m a Steam Player and some of the people on chat are just stupid/spammers.  I will not be an obnoxious newcomer, I promise (but I can’t promise no raging against those overpowered long range missiles *wink*)  Regardless, fun game.

I saw 5000+ … sorry to rain on your parade 

The maximum number online was around 5500.