outdated, incorrect and missing Premium License description

Bug report description:



1.) Description of the problem, what happened?

Misleading information about the Premium License, which are outdated, incorrect and missing exist, when you want to buy or review the Premium License.

Same issue with the License option, both Basic and Premium.


2.) What did you expect to happen?

Proper and up-to-date description, which provides, what it promises, under the description and License’s interface.

We also need more clearer and improved description, which fully explains all benefits between Basic and Premium License.


3.) The conditions during the situation?



4.) Further details on the issue?

Current Premium License description states:

Buying an extended license allows you to earn 50% more credits, galactic standards, loyalty vouchers and synergy.

It will also become possible for you to find 2 more trophies in the trophy search phase.


Galactic Standards bonus isn’t included or affiliated with Premium License in any way.

There is no 50% Karma bonus mentioned, since now we also have Invasion mode, since it isn’t included, but it should have been.


License tab option states:

Buy a license:

+50% (Credits, Loyalty vouchers, Synergy, +2 loot search on victory)


There are missing information, which aren’t clearly defined or explained, such as Monocrystals , Galactic Standards and Free synergy as well, in both cases.

Description should have been more detailed. You need to provide any and all missing details as well.


5.) Frequency of occurrence?

Always present.


6.) Logs + [screenshots](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/18799-how-to-takepost-screenshots/) or a video?

3 screenshots are provided, to show the issue.


1st screenshot: Basic account description information

2nd screenshot: License tab interface description information

3rd screenshot: Premium License account description information - still in effect (use)


Screenshot example 1: Basic License description, when you do not have it. (at the top-right corner of the screen)



Screenshot example 2: License tab interface description (at the middle screen)



Screenshot example 3: Premium License still in effect (use) (at the top-right corner of the screen)



7.) If possible, the time when it happened?

Not relevant to this issue.


8.) Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag).

Not required.


9.) The results of this [program](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/25324-info-connection-losses-high-ping-and-related-issues/) if the bug report is related to connection issues.

Not related.


10.) If the complaint is related to Sector Conquest, it is necessary to specify the location and time + timezone of the happening.

Not related.

I had posted this under Bug Report - Leveling, Balance and Market section, since there is also a mention of GS bonus in the description, which apparently was never included with a license.

If such bonus really exist, then this is the right place for such thread.

Otherwise, this can be moved to Bug Report - Texts section, if necessary.

If you got any more questions, let me know!

This needs to be addressed ASAP!

Okay. 1.1.7 update did not correct this.


Description suggestion with already included text/description fixes : (screenshot example 1 and 3 above)

Buying an extended license allows you to earn 50% more credits from battles, loyalty vouchers from contracts and standard/free synergy from all game modes.

It will also become possible for you to find 2 more trophies in the trophy search phase. Invasion mode also provides 1 extra monocrystal per each daily mission.


Interface : (screenshot example 2 above)

I also want to suggest the implementation of a +50% Karma bonus points, since we also have Invasion mode now.


+50% :


Loyalty vouchers

Standard synergy and Free synergy or Standard/Free synergy

Karma (should be added)

+2 loot search on victory

+1 monocrystal per daily mission (should be described, so people would know)

One more question!


Will we get an option to buy the permanent Premium License?

Such license would never expire, but the cost should be greater, of course.

The description of Premium will be fixed. Thank you for the input.

The description of Premium will be fixed. Thank you for the input.

Hopefully in v1.1.9?  :012j:

You did not fix all mentioned things.


Check screenshot example 2! There is no mention of extra monocrystals for missions!