Out of T2 Emp LRF

Here was my closing match for synergy grind on the Empire LRF tree.  I didn’t bother with a screenshot, this looks better.




Eleven kills, not even collision damage taken at all.  Any chance of that happening in T3?  Some of those kills and assists were bomb carrying interceptors so it’s not like I was just going to cheap shots only.

That’s why I love T2.

It depends on how bad your opponents are [seriously].

In T2 I had always found it easy to snipe [based on a few months back to be honest]. Ships are slow, open space, people ignoring you…


In T3, it’s still possible. I’ve had fights where I was in a Jericho LRF and though I’m griefing all my opponents with missiles, not a single interceptor would think it’s a good idea to kill me. But ships are faster and therefore harder to snipe with the desintegrator, and some people will fly smart of course. And then there are the people that WILL find you and WILL come and kill you, because they are tired of your glorified laser pointer.

So yes, it’s still possible, especially with an EMP game where everyone is paying attention to other things. But it won’t happen so often.

I know the LRF spam has changed things some.  Going solo against an LRF is harder since it’s going to be three or four LRF’s in a 12v12.  I’m wondering if the devs boosted aim assist because the last time I tried empire LRF I hated it for aim and everything else.  Maybe I’ve just gotten that much better, I don’t know.  I don’t consider myself a great T3 player.  I’ve gotten my DSR to 1378 today in part because of T2 and gaining synergy on that LRF line and somewhat the Fed interceptor line.  It will probably drop going back to T3.  I’ve noticed I can half dominate in T2, so I know I’m better than most T2 players.  The fact I received no damage at all, not even one interceptor trying for it surprised me.  In more than half of the matches I’d have at least one interceptor make a go for me.


I’ll be in T2 for a while for synergy, so it will take me time to test it out until I get a Styx.  PvE cargo gets boring for LRF synergy grind.

Since a long time back, T3 is the old T2. That’s more or less how I got my Styx. 

Aim ships that have no shield to insta kill. No point to snipe fully shielded ships as most of players stack thermal.