Optimal times for events

Hello Pilots!

We would like to discuss the event times with you. Please tell us any time interval that fits for you, weekdays or weekends. We will try to find a time where most of the players are available :slight_smile:


When im awake normally works for me… Pretty vague hmm? Ok…

between 4pm & 4 am any day of the week for now… -6 GMT (Central Time US)

Weekends would probably fit better for events than workdays.


Weekend Moscow time 17-23 :wink:

If you select either weekdays or weekends, there will always be a part of the community that will regularly not be able to participate.


So the easiest way would to either choose a span of time including both (like a full week or thursday-monday) or let the player decide when to activate the event bonuses - like he has a full week in which he can select 2 days where he receives the event bonus.

event bonus?

what are you talking about?

am I missing something?   :dntknw:

Any time weekend, don’t want to miss work.

Late Saturday Afternoon / Evening in Moscow would at least let most of NASA’s pilots get some sleep Friday night, but we can make due with any time on the weekend.

any time in weekend


cause most people free at weekend

Never 3 AM again, please for the love of celestia. 

Weekend Arround 6pm which is     -4 MSC in europe / germany / Austria / swizz/ france aso ;)  Fr-So

Weekends. Preferably in the evening when people are back from their social obligations - though the odd afternoon event isn’t the end of the world.


Around 7pm GMT is perfect - but due to the different time zones involved probably unrealistic. 6pm GMT is more realistic as this means 7pm for continental Europe and 8pm further east. That covers the largest (European) segment of the player base.


Personally I believe you should have both EU and US timezone based events, to ensure everyone gets a fair shot.