Operation “Winter Chill”



Command has received reliable information that the CEO of “Klauss Inc” went missing during one of their charity tours! Security service is fully engaged in the search, but they still have not found anything! In this regard, representatives of the corporation announced their intentions to call all free mercenaries for help! With this in mind, we are announcing the operation “Winter Chill”

Here is your briefing: you need to join the search, since the Command and Reconnaissance Division is sure that the corporation is going to start testing prototypes of their newest weapons, and we must, do you hear me? We must obtain data on these weapons - their research will help in the further development of the weapons of our fleet! Lack of security will assist us in this matter! Do not miss your chance to try out the prototypes in action, pilots!

At the moment, the Intelligence Division has information on three types of weapons :


KWP “Icebolt” - this kinetic unit is mounted on small ships. Intelligence Division managed to get the information that this weapon not only deals damage directly with kinetic projectiles, but also leaves behind a small cloud of unknown particles (presumably of artifact origin) that causes more damage to the ships! Our scouts were able to record the first test runs of this weapon (you can find it below)


KWP “Freeze Beam” - this type of beam weapon is used on medium ships. We received evidence that prolonged exposure of the ship’s survival systems, whether shield or hull, to this type of weapon slows the ship’s movement in space! We must learn this device’s schematics - get your hands on a prototype and test it!


KWP “Snowstorm** ” **- a heavy gun that can only be installed on frigates. As we learned from our intelligence reports, this weapon fires a charge that contains a colony of nanobots that damage enemies and restore hull to allies! This weapon is no less complicated and necessary to our fleet!

In addition to the main weapons, information about special missiles has appeared on the black market. We recommend that you carefully examine this ammunition!

You have to get information about each of these prototypes, and do it as quickly as possible - as we know, at the end of the test, all the samples will be either removed or they will self-destruct! There is no time to lose, pilots!

Do not forget about your cover! Intelligence Division may well “forget” when part of the data about the prototypes gets “leaked” to fleet researchers, if you help them find their CEO - Nicolas Clauss!

Should you succeed with the full range of activities, command will add the “Cold-blooded” achievement to your personal record!

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