Operation “Maintenance Training”, Modules


So, pilot, you have decided to take part in our latest program, “Maintenance Training”! This operation is designed to test your knowledge on various topics and maintain your mental tone in the best possible condition.


Warning: do not post your answers in this topic!

Combat mission: identify a number of modules by their pictures! The best 5 pilots will be presented with a reward!

Brief instructions:

You will have to identify the modules by the pictures and then submit answers to representative of Fleet Command. Remember: modules should be named the way they are in the game! Answers should look like this:

1 - Module name 1
2 - Module name 2
3 - Module name 3

Criteria for selection of the best pilots: the most correct answers. If there are two or more equal answers, the winner will be determined by the answer’s publication time.

Replies should be sent through private messages to the representative of Fleet Command, call sign [Antibus](< base_url >/index.php?/user/240886-antibus/).

Start time:  along with the scheduled maintenance.

Debriefing: starts at 11.00 UTC.

Reward despatch time: in 24 hours after the server start, but no earlier than 13:00 UTC.
Winners will be contacted later on, to recieve additional information for the prize acquisition.
Remember, pilot, complaints will only be accepted within 4 hours after the operation. If you have any complaints, you can contact a representative of Fleet Command, call sign [Antibus](< base_url >/index.php?/user/240886-antibus/).

List of Awards (Galactic Standards):

  1. 250
  2. 200
  3. 150
  4. 100
  5. 50

Attention, pictures of modules are posted below

  1. 447304a02b598027971f1a0a5e68.png
  2. db5bd974c4b8697dad7544e0a3fb.png
  3. 583f5e1266fb2e0b1c09ea724fc7.png
  4. f48e94a851730ea1920f7bdcf52c.png
  5. 9b9c8cdc7861b955c05c4cb9c411.png
  6. 9149d5bd1986d5e751f5ca45a3e6.png
  7. 2bae88403741e10a1395d17241aa.png
  8. f9e2e27bf9ffea13a091047502fa.png
  9. 8cc3809303db99159a895598fa49.png
  10. 88b80f66c9d696ce97db0bb9cb55.png
  11. d312150c4489c7e53d63e6c23ca5.png
  12. 9dda7011206fb94441ca7c40a0fd.png
  13. 8b8b1ae3928fa2dd7cf9a3965f5b.png
  14. 3d69fb978262118bda74517270b4.png
  15. 305fc84fcf9cd741cb71d782d2a1.png