Operation ‘Crystal Cuckoo’


Cryptogram NN00-564722 
From : Eugene
To : agness@star_conflict
Sent : Tuesday, June 29.
Subject : Crystal Cuckoo

Cuckoo, dear Agnes!

Thanks for the information about Yusuf’s family. He was very pleased to hear that they are back in the inner worlds after that terrible Jericho attack, and that the Federation has started to pay them increased benefits! Today, he introduced me to his colleagues. We had to sneak our way into their part of the station. Of course, you remember that the common staff are not allowed to communicate with scientists.

The funny thing is that they themselves don’t even know the main developer of all these systems they are working on. Base blueprints are uploaded in encrypted data packets from somewhere in (imagine!) Alien space.

Talking with scientists turned out interesting, but most of it, I can not tell you. My letters are being scanned. And if so, I may get all sorts of penalties! And I want to earn enough for that house so much.

But there is more or less public information. For example, the Leviathan. You’ve probably heard about this horrible Crystallid station on the news. I was told where it came from. They say it used to be a whole planet, and in its depths Iridium was formed under the influence of the Signal (yes, the one). And Crystallids need it very much. Whether it’s used or fuel or building material, I do not know. In ancient times, before the first spacewalk, they built giant plants for mining and processing of Iridium inside different planets. Well, when there was nothing left, they destroyed the planet, and the factory was turned into a battle station — Leviathan.

However, the Leviathan that was on the news is a special one. There was an expedition, something went wrong… and I think that all Ellydium tech originates there. As if the Leviathan itself or something on board helps the scientists.

But you, my love, do not worry about anything. Here in Ellydium corporation (mostly Yusuf and his colleagues) we are working day and night so that you can be safe. I was shown a prototype of a new thermal weapon, and I’ll tell you — this is something! It hits several targets, the projectiles are homing! Can you imagine the state technology has reached?

Soon you will see it all on the news. And if you wait a bit, I’ll tell you everything in person. After a couple of weeks I will probably get a vacation, and we’ll finally see each other!


With love,
Your Eugene.

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