Operation Crystal Cuckoo. Fourth cryptogram



Cryptogram NN00-564915

From: Eugene

To: agness@star_conflict

Sent: Tuesday, July 5.

Subject: Crystal Cuckoo


CucQoo, dEar Agnes! I want to hug you as soon as possiBle. ToO many days have passed since our last meeting.

A week ago, I thought I would soon Be on vacation you. Then I received a message. Management assigned me to a new position. from this day I officially am a systems engineer. In light of this transfer, I was moved to a new Place of work — a station deep in Alien space. I wish I’d had the opportunity to tell you about it in advance.

I am writing these words with a heavy heart. Our separation will last longer than we wanted. Love, however, can overcome all obstacles!

Ellydium fleet X traversed Alien sPace without problEms. I do not know iF that was courage, stupidity or soMething else on the part of the captain to go into enemy territory so openly. I’m all right, that’s all that matters now. Currently we are at a transfer point while the station is still being prepared. Erecting all structures will take some time. It’s good we’re paid for that time too.

We were eVen forbidden from carrying a personal datapad. It won’t stop a systems engineer though! I have acXess to most of the station’s external communications. My channel will definitely be closed down soOner or later. Until then, I’ll be in touch with you. Please treAt these temporary difficulties with understanding. Love knows no barriers.


With love,

Your Eugene.

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