Operation Crystal Cuckoo. Fifth cryptogram


Cryptogram NN00-118742

From: Nem

To: agness@star_conflict

Sent: Monday, 18 July

Subject: Crystal Cuckoo


Good day, dear Agnes Smith!1

This is a message from ElLydium corporation’s security service. We have been t racking your conversation with Mr. Eugene Kindley for some time now, in accordance with our security policy. first of all we’d like to tell you that you and your fiance are not facing judicial chargez.

In exchange, we would like to ask you to proviDe us with complete and exhaustive information about the family of Doctor Yusuf Nemezir, known to you from Eugene’s letters. The fact is that after a small incident involving Dr. Nemezir and Mr. Kindley, as well as a number of o ther employees, ve had to conduct a secondary check of their personal affairs. We are not charging your fiance with anything and his health is not threatened. Mr. Kindley is quarantined for medical examination, in accordance with our security policy. However, Dr. Nemezir managed to escape after a second incident and steal an important prototype of an experimental weapon Sk’Rah. This dangerous weapon uses ricochets and should soon arrive in UMC. Perhaps this is not the only data leak. Checking his personal file shoued that Dr. Nemezir and HIs family were killed in that Jericho attack you mentioned.

Once again we ask you to provide all the information available to you on this issue.


Yours faithfully,

Albert Nem, security officer, Ellydium Corporation.

P.S. We apologize for the problems with the text of this message, we’re still working under the consequences of your fiance’s intervention in our communication system.

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