Operation “Crimson Haze”


Attention, pilots!
Recently, there have been several disappearances of trade caravans and even armed convoys in Aliar system located in sector 3812.
Some analysts attributed these events to the activities of a pirate group called ‘Enclave’. Unfortunately, so far nobody’s managed to confirm or deny the involvement of this organization — and if there were any witnesses of their activities, they all disappeared under suspicious circumstances.
Nevertheless, we have been able to shed light on this suspicious story: an employer, who wished to remain anonymous, made an offer to all mercenaries to take part in the capture of a remote object in the Aliar system. Analysis of this location indicates that the object may be the operations centre, where most pirate attacks across the whole sector are planned.
Your task is not only to capture the base, but also to obtain data on the location ofother pirate outposts! Stay alert — if you confirm that the object belongs to the Enclave group, they wouldn’t want any witnesses left behind!
If you wish to participate in this operation, please look at the raid plan:
1. You need to get to the outer perimeter of the base and destroy the outposts creating a protective shield.


2. The enemy has a very well-guarded perimeter, so you have to get inside the base through a maintenance tunnel.
Attention: the data shows that the tunnel has top-of-the-line defensive systems installed.


3. Capture the Generators, and build up your own defences — it will help you defend the base.


4. Protect the main relay station — the data it contains is needed to establish the location of other pirate outposts. (картинка: PROTECT THE TRANSPONDER)


5. In case of enemy reinforcements destroy all their ships, with the help of base defences!


Mercenaries, this mission will require complete concentration from you - as you will be acting far from the main fleet forces!
If you’re ready to sign up for this contract [proceed here for discussion!](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/22677-developer-blog-entry-from-march-5th-tactical-map-improvement-and-new-pve-mechanics/)