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Here we will actively discuss the ways of combating ellydium ships in their current state of development, frankly, im tired of the 1%-2% no-point-in-doing nerfs when it’s clear something is very wrong.


So, the rules are simple, throughout ranks and tiers, develop a build for any type of a ship except ellydium, share it with others and explain how it works, how to use it. Must be a proven/tested build that actually works. 2man squad ideas are also whalecom.


Random trolling, fights, spamming and anything not related to the topic will be deleted.

Resonant ammo works great.

1 minute ago, TheDarkRedFox said:

Resonant ammo works great.

Not many players have the BP i suppose but its a start.

It requires a BP???

Yeah, afaik it was a part of an event thats long gone now. Not sure if newcomers have access to it.

Ill pop over to a new account and see just what they do and don’t have in relation to ellydium stuff.

2 hours ago, ORCA1911 said:

Not many players have the BP i suppose but its a start.

You get it for free now. You just need to click on the Learn button.

I find Loki with bubblegun very effective against tharga. Almost always won in a 1v1 fight. Tharga players usually get greedy and are confident over killing you, but Loki has the strongest commander buffs in the game atm and with all the passive bonuses a maneuver build is very good. Ions are sometimes good as well, but I prefer them on big ships such as engies and such. Oh and use the maximum camera distance for the dogfights to land all the shots.


As for the taikin the panther seems really good mostly because of the passive kinetic weps bonuses. A distance build with speed debuffs and drones is mandatory. For the engines I would use a strafe build. In R15 battles positron lrf is the best thing other than jag to counter them imho.

Post dem screenies ![:D](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/006j.png “:D”)





Karud can be really effective against Thar’Ga, mostly due to its exclusive Shield Seal active module which allows it to easily tank burst damage. Fitting shield regeneration is for once reasonable since any amount of shield energy will be enough if you just have the Shield Seal available, which it usually is considering the 10 second reload time. Overclocked Blasters also pack quite a punch. The minus side then is potentially running out of energy at times.



Panther is moderately capable at inconveniencing a single Tai’Kin. (A well piloted one, that is. Badly piloted Tai’Kins can be murdered in seconds.) The damage bonus for using a rank 12 ship in rank 15 battles does little wonders.