Openspace Squad possibilitys

Hello, first of all i whant to thank you for the amazing game.

Is there some possibility of let the player warp to openspace more then one of it´s own ships?

The idea basicly is to enjoy in game and warp max of 4 ships of it own hangar using some hud to interact to others ships with “crews”,  like offering about 2 or 3 interactions in warfare and piloting with some ***engine of commanding*** almost like a mob, but dedicated to the player orders by the hud and concidering the status of each Ship.
It´s a way to build strategys in open space and use the power of the quality of player´s hangar. Squad game can be the next step of therms in pve and pvp.
Thank you again for your time to read this idea and i wish i coud help in a litle step to help.
Sorry for some error in gramatics because this is not my native language.*
Best Regards!