Open world

Let me first say i’m having a lot of fun so far in the game.
Arena battle are fun but some people I was playing with for the past few days said that they are getting bored.
Looked on the site and forums and the devs wants to implement an open world.
Point 21.

What do you guys think is the release date on that? because this would definitely keep a lot of players in the game.

It also seems like a lot of people would like to see an open world for Star Conflict

If it’s open world do you think it’ll be like freelancer where a jumpgate takes you from one system (instance) to another?

The amount of work needed to make it open world would be huge.

Also people will be dissapointed at first probably, since they probably won’t add enough stuff to do in the open space to keep you satisfied. 
They’ll probably fill it up over time, but then people will have left (I think) because there’s not enough to do in there.




There will be something equal, but no real open world.

sadly it will get boring, hopefully they will make some awesome stuff to accommodate :slight_smile:


hmm i really do miss black prophacy, i loved the controls in that game(if you where good in that game you could do soo much stuff so effectively damn it was awesome, hope we get a little more stuff to do in Starconflict besides simply afterburn), best i ever seen in a spaceship game :confused: just sad that their “sale method and lvl system+item system was soo broke it completely killed the game (complete buy power to the max.)”

There will be something equal, but no real open world.

that sounds lovely, pure open worlds are strongly overrated anyway, controlled enviroments gives a much better experience for the players :smiley:

There will be something equal, but no real open world.

At least there’ll be something.

Really looking forward to it!