Open World, Loot, Factions etc - How and Where?

And here is the next question.

I tried the open world zone for a while now (damn its hard with a T7 Longrange ship)
found some asteroids, looted some ores, shipwrecks…those things.
Ok, most of the times i got shot…mostly by either aliens or a bountyhunter…
But while i was looking through my workshop, i noticed all the different materials.

For example “Processing Block”

it says it can be looted. But how exactly?
are these things inside the containers? so far i have only found credit-worth stuff or ores.
Or do i get them automatically while nuking ships?

Then i heard that you can find blueprints (hidden containers) at specific locations…what exactly are they? and where can i find them?

And what exactly is the use of that open world zone? grind npcs?

oh, and do i seriously need to grind for fuel in every single zone?


The last question would be faction related.
Most of my ships are Jericho, overall i like the lore of them. and they are red.
My friend plays Empire, and another one is Federation.
Sadly, we cant play together out there, since we are all in different stations.
When we switch the stations, we also switch the contract…what is a bit contra productive…sure, later on i would need to switch a few times to get all my stuff. jericho offers my Grenadelauncher, while Federation gives me the Positron.


So…what is the maximum price that the station-change can reach?

Is it possible to manually switch the station while still questing for your faction?
What happens if we would decide to join a Corpation? are we bound to one faction then? or can we still freely switch around?
How does the sector conquest works? i see active corporations, around 150 or so, can only the strongest corp claim those zones? what happenes with zones that are claimed by one faction, but have no corp on them?

First things first watch this:

There is no such thing as a T7 ship. There are ranks and tiers. Within each tier are 3 ranks. T1 has ranks one, two and three. T2 has ranks four, five and six. And so on.

Watch my videos because they will help a lot. They will answer 95% of all the questions mentioned in this thread.

If you are lazy:

AFAIK the processing block can’t be looted. You must craft it from basic resources then to level one craft materials.

Blueprints are hard to find without a “Spatial Scanner” which you can buy with Gold Standards which you get most easily by buying it with real life money. You can also get a friend to show you the specific spots within a system where the containers which MAY contain blueprints are found. A friend who already has the blueprint may give you the blueprint. Corpmates are the best with this.

Open World AKA Attacked Standards or Invasion is for exploring sectors, collecting materials for crafting, farming credits or simply relaxing and fighting AIs such as cybers, pirates, cartel or aliens. Crafting can get you special ammo and missiles, special or increased performance weapons and active modules. Fuel is needed to travel from system to system. It’s one of those annoying but necessary things.

As you go up each tier the cost of station jump increases to a final cost of 800,000 credits. As you go up tiers credit gain increases although 800,000 credits is extremely steep.

You can change factions buy moving through Invasion space in a ship from hangar to hangar. If you are doing a monocrystsl mission you must return to the hangar of origin to collect rewards then you can travel through. When you join a corporation you are still able to change hangars. Gameplay wise you are only affected in sector conquest. You are bound to play for the faction that the Corp represents in SecCon.

You need at least three Rank 11 ships and a corporation to play SecCon.

Corporations fight over control of sectors FOR THEIR FACTION. once the sector is under faction control then corporations challenge each other with “influence points” gained from good performance in SecCon battles. Corps challenging each other bet with influence points and the one who bets the highest uses up the IP But the ones who lose don’t lose any IP. Players who win receive the reward shown in the map for the amount of cycles. Sectors not claimed simply remain there until claimed by a Corp or capture by a rival faction.

Holy poo… Seph why you not here?

AFAIK the processing block can’t be looted. You must craft it from basic resources then to level one craft materials.

You can find it in mysterious containers.


Also, to use the spatial scanner, first probably get at least a tier 4 ship so you can farm the frontier or grab mysterious containers while flying between stations. I highly suggest the federation recons, they’re wonderful ships for the job. Then probably get a tier 5 ship so you can have it on an end game ship and flying around will be easier. Then buy the thing and equip it on a ship of whatever tier you bought it from (lower tiers are cheaper, but tier 4+ lets you go to the frontier, again). Then go out to a sector with a danger rating of at least 7. Then fly around and press “x” (unless you bound it to something else) periodically. Once you see a blue spot, fly towards it until you find a “mysterious container”. Pick up the container and be happy. Repeat from the point at which it makes sense to repeat.

Tiers, Ranks, you understood what i meant :stuck_out_tongue:

So sector controll works basically like Global Agendas AvA then, just a little bit different. Thats nice.

Frontier is the triangle in the middle?

I wonder what Fort Muerto might be…looks interesting as that central point there…

What kinds of blueprints could they contain?
The wikis are so outdated…

you can see all blueprints in the workshop, those you cannot buy for credits are those you gotta find through invasion or pve.


it’s usually either mk5 upgrades or pirate mk4 items

A quick look I didn’t see this.


Green upgrades from loot won at the end of PVP matches can be salvaged for invasion materials.


Also, I think green modules-weapons can be salvaged as well.


I only play invasion for the crystals. I don’t really care about the 1% upgrade from the blueprints…


If you are just playing for crystals spatial scanners are better for finding objectives in invasion.