Open Space tasks don't benefit from fleet strength/synergy bonuses

  1. Doesn’t matter if you do the blue or yellos OS missions, your fleet strength/synergy bonuses doesn’t increase the shown synergy rewards.

  2. That fleet strength/synergy bonuses increase the synergy reward of OS missions as well.

  3. For example: A OS mission reward 2,160 synergy for killing a specific pirate in a specific sector. After fulfilling it rewarded me with just the 2,160 synergy instead of my current (28% due fleet strength + 10% R15 implanat bonus) 38% synergy bonus. So instead of having 2,160*1.38 = ~2,981 synergy gained, it’s only 2,160(if you ignore the synergy gained for killing the pirate). The plain mission reward. No bonus affect it. Please fix it!

  4. Happen on all OS missions.

Bump up as it isn’t solved answered and is a correct bugreport.




Can the bugreport extend with:


  1. Free synergy is not rewarded for missions nor any synergy gained during OS.

  2. That free synergy is gained at the same rate for all the synergy accumulated during the flight through OS.



Any ETA when this will be fixed?

It should be easy to detect, reproduce and to fix or not?

Hum, are you sure that it’s not the value already influenced by fleet strength?

Hum, are you sure that it’s not the value already influenced by fleet strength?

Nope. It show me the same numbers even today after gaining over 5% fleet strength. Second it would have some strange numbers.

For example: Base is 1,440 synergy. With fleetstrength 6% it must be then 1,440*1.06 = 1,526 synergy. But every thing end with xxx0 and that can’t be possible if fleet strength etc. is factored in.

When this will be finally fixed? It can’t be so hardcore to reproduce/rewrite the needed code!
You even implemented the synergy/credits bonus for the daily container in the OS missions!

Don’t let this bug celebrate its 1st anniversary!!! Kill him and all his children. o.o